How to Bail Someone Out

Is your loved one in custody?

Was your loved one recently arrested on criminal charges? In order to help secure his or her release and get them back home where they belong pending future court dates, you're going to need to bail them out of jail. At 101 Bail Bonds, our California bail bonds agents have over 25 years of combined experience. Our agents are licensed by the California Department of Insurance and are here to navigate you through California's jails and judicial systems.

How Bail Works

Once someone is arrested, the defendant will be released if the prosecutor decides not to file charges. If the prosecutor decides to move forward and file charges, the defendant will either be released on bail or they will stay in jail.

What is bail? Bail is either money or property that the defendant puts up as a promise to return to court for all future court dates. The bail amount is at the discretion of the judge, who takes into account the severity of the crime, if the defendant poses a threat to society, and whether or not he or she is considered a "flight risk."

Bail can be any of the following:

  • Cash
  • A pledge of property (if the court allows it)
  • A bail bond, which only requires a portion of the bail amount set by the judge

With a bail bond, a professional bail bondsman is typically paid 10% of the bail amount, and the bail bondsman promises to pay the court the remainder of the bail if the defendant fails to appear at his or her future court dates.

California Bail Bonds

Most defendants who are arrested on criminal charges will be released on cash bail. If the bail amount set by the judge is more than you can afford, you can contact our California bail bonds agents for help securing the defendant's release. Once we review the specifics of your loved one's case, we will immediately inform you of the appropriate types of bail and the bail costs.

Once the appropriate solution has been determined, we can make the arrangements with the court and get started securing the release of your spouse, friend, or family member, and getting them back home where they belong.

With over 25 years of combined experience, 101 Bail Bonds will swiftly guide you through the bail bonds process and we will be the one stop resource for all of your bail bond needs.

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