How To Secure Your Release From Jail

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Freedom is something that individuals often take for granted until spending time in jail after an arrest. To be released from jail, a criminal defendant will need to pay the posted bail amount. Whether cash bail or release on own recognizance is needed for the release, our bail bond company can help you through the bail process.

  • When individuals are released on their own recognizance, they are granted release based on the understanding that they will need to show up to the proceeding.
  • Cash bail can be paid in full by the defendant or his or her loved one.

The judge assigned to a case will determine the type of bail and amount before the defendant is processed.

Assistance Provided by 101 Bail Bonds

When you are looking toward your release, but do not have the money or a willing third party to pay the full amount of bail, you can acquire the legal services of a bail bondsman. When you hire a bail bondsman, he or she will front the cost to secure your release or the release of your family member or friend.

At the time that you report to the court for your appointed hearing, the court will repay the bond and the defendant will only need to pay the premium of the bail amount to the agent. If you are in need of assistance securing your release, you can trust in the resources that we provide at 101 Bail Bonds.

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Most individuals who have been arrested for a criminal offense will be released on cash bail. If the posted bail amount is more than you can afford, an experienced bail bond agent from our Santa Barbara company can help you secure your release or the release of your loved one. At 101 Bail Bonds, we have more than 25 years of combined of experience and understand the needs of our clients. Get the help you need by contacting us today!

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