What To Do After You Are Arrested

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Bail bonds provide criminal defendants with the opportunity to be released from jail when they are unable to pay the posted bail on their own. Immediately after an arrest has occurred, the bail bond process will begin.

The defendant will be processed and the type of bail will be set. Whether you are the suspect or the loved one of an individual who has been arrested, you are likely facing a difficult time that will require the assistance of 101 Bail Bonds. You will need to ensure that every step is properly handled after an arrest.

Your First Step-Posting Bail

Posting bail is the initial step to securing a release from jail, which an experienced bail bond agent can do on your behalf. Your responsibility will be to pay the bail bond agent a premium, which according to the law in California State can be no more than 10% of the bail amount. This premium is a non-refundable fee that contributes to the services of the bail bond agent. By posting bail, the defendant's release is secured from jail, under the obligation that they will appear at court for their criminal proceedings.

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At our bail bond company in Santa Barbara & Ventura, we can provide you with the dedicated guidance and high-quality services needed for your situation. We can take the time to explain the process to you and help you know how our assistance can benefit your situation. Being bailed out of jail is only the first step of your legal course through the judicial process. Unlike other agencies, we can take any legal action to help you through the stressful situation. Your first step after an arrest should be to contact 101 Bail Bonds. Schedule a free case evaluation today!

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