What Are Bail Bonds?

Most individuals have a general idea of what bail is, but until an arrest takes place, the need to develop a stronger understanding is not present. At 101 Bail Bonds, we have provided a Bail 101 course below on this topic and how our bail bondsmen can help. We help our clients through each step of the process when we work with them for their release. During their entire case, we provide our time and attention because we take a personal interest in the outcome of each case. Our assistance begins with an explanation of the process, which can begin with the information provided below.

Background on Bail

When an individual is arrested based on the suspicion that he or she has committed a crime, the defendant will be taken to jail for booking. During the booking process, the defendant will have his or her mug shot taken and will be fingerprinted. While waiting for the individual's day in court, he or she can either be held in jail or released on bail.

Bail is a financial agreement that can take place between a bonding agent and the criminal defendant to allow for the defendant's release until the court date. The court will set the monetary value of the bail that must be paid for the defendant's release.

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The bail bonding agency will be responsible for ensuring that the defendant arrives in court on the day of his or her trial. Essentially, the bond is a surety that the entire bail amount will be paid. As a condition of the bail bond, the criminal defendant promises to appear in court for all scheduled criminal proceedings, including:

  • Arraignment
  • Preliminary hearing
  • Pre-trial motions
  • Trial

To help the client, our Santa Barbara bail bond company monitors the cases to ensure that the client does not miss court appearances. We do so by reminding each client of upcoming court dates.

Bonds for When You Cannot Afford Bail

If the suspect is unable to afford bail, loved ones of the criminal defendant can put up the full bail amount that has been set by the court. Another method is for a bond to be posted in lieu of the full bail amount. Bond can be obtained through a bail bond agency that can charge a fee in exchange for posting the bond. Under the Constitution of the United States, individuals who are charged with criminal offenses must have reasonable access to bail.

At 101 Bail Bonds, our licensed agents have more than 25 years of combined experience handling cases involving bail bonds. Our services can be used to help secure your release. We understand that being bailed out of jail is only the beginning of our clients' journeys and for that reason, we can provide them with the assistance we are legally permitted to give. Contact our Santa Barbara bail bond company today!

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