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There are few experiences more stressful or alarming than being arrested, especially if you have never had a run-in with the law before. At 101 Bail Bonds, our knowledgeable and experienced Ventura County bail bonds agents understand what you are going through and are prepared to do everything within our power to help secure your release during this difficult time. With more than 25 years of combined legal experience, we can provide the high-quality services you need to press forward.

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What Are Bail Bonds?

When a person is arrested for a crime in Ventura County, they are booked and held at Ventura County Jail until they are able to post bail or until a judge authorizes a release on their own recognizance, known as an “OR release.” Simply put, bail is money that is paid to and held by the court as collateral in exchange for a defendant’s release from custody under the condition that they will return to court to face their charges. Since bail can easily cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the offense, many accused defendants utilize the services of a bail bonds agency who will post the full amount of bail in exchange for a roughly 10% fee, allowing them to be released at a fraction of the cost.

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At 101 Bail Bonds, our skilled agents have an intimate knowledge of the Ventura County jails and judicial systems and can guide you through the entire booking and release process. In some cases, we may even be able to help your attorney secure a reduced bail amount. With customized solutions and a dedication to treating you with respect and dignity, we can help you get out of jail and back to your family as soon as possible.

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