Act Now to Oppose SB-10 & AB-42!

Posted By 101 Bail Bonds || 8-Jun-2017

On December 5, 2016, Senate Bill 10 and Assembly Bill 42 were introduced to California legislators for consideration. Under the name “Pretrial Release,” these bills have serious consequences that could be devastating to our cities, our citizens, and the entire bail bonds industry should it be passed. The time has come to act now and contact your local representatives in Sacramento to stand up and oppose these bills in order to keep criminals behind bars and keep a major industry and part of California’s robust economy alive.

Impact to Our Cities

The main idea behind these bills is that criminals are unable to afford to post bail in order to be released before their trial. So what do lawmakers propose? Eliminate bail entirely for those who can’t afford it. Instead, the system proposes using a computer algorithm to choose those who are the least likely to skip out on bail and allow them out on bail at no charge if they cannot afford to post bail themselves.

These computer algorithms have already been proven wildly unsuccessful in other states, such as New Jersey, where heroin-dealers, child sex offenders, gun violators, gang members, and previously-convicted felons are all being released with nothing more than a light-hearted promise to come back for trial, all because a computer determined them to be “low-risk.” The system has also been found to have the potential to unfairly racially profile defendants it considers.

Impact on the Industry

Perhaps what’s worse is this system would place an immense burden on taxpayers while simultaneously destroying a serious industry that has served our communities for more than 200 years. The bail bonds industry has made posting bail affordable for even the lowest-income individuals who find themselves arrested and facing criminal charges, and done so at zero cost to taxpayers in our state and across the country. Should these bills pass, the industry would collapse entirely as those who cannot afford bail on their own would be able to simply walk free without financial backing the industry provides.

Lawmakers have proposed “criminal justice reform” as the cure to our nation’s increasing crime and prison population issues, but taking aim at one of the systems that has served our community diligently and effectively for centuries is not the answer. Lawmakers in support of this bill claim that bail is too expensive and the average criminal cannot afford to post their own bail. This is almost entirely a lie. If you have a job and just a small amount of money, you can afford a bail bond from one of the many bail bond companies and have your Constitutionally-granted day in court to face your charges at a trial.

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