What You Need to Know About California's Newest Bail Reform Law

Posted By 101 Bail Bonds || 6-Dec-2018

What Does the California Money Bail Reform Act Mean for Suspects?

In August, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a new bail reform measure (Senate Bill 10) into law. This new law eliminates bail for criminal suspects who are awaiting trial and instead requires members of the criminal justice system to evaluate suspects’ “risk level” when deciding whether to release them. Practically speaking, this will mean that persons accused of violent crimes (and other suspects considered to be high risk) will not be released but will rather be detained until their trial.

Is it Still Possible to Post Bail in California?

Yes. The California Money Bail Reform Act will not take effect until October 2019. However, the people of California will have the opportunity to reverse it in the 2020 elections.

Does the California Money Bail Act Foster Equality in the Criminal Justice System?

Many proponents of this bill have argued that the state’s bail bonds system favors the wealthy and penalizes the poor, but this is simply untrue. Bail bonds are available for anyone who is employed and has even a small amount of money to their name.

In fact, the new bail reform law determines whether accused persons will be detained based on the crimes of which they are accused, which increases the likelihood of racial profiling and other forms of discrimination.

Where Can I Get Bail Bonds in Santa Barbara and Ventura?

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